• NY Magazine – Hannah’s Finale Bowl Cut, Shoshanna’s Crazy Braids, and More Girls Hair Highlights


    Hannah’s bedtime braids, episode four
    “Hannah is the character who really can’t ‘do’ her hair. When I was first working on her during season one, HBO said, ‘Her hair looks too nice; you have to make it worse.’ Sometimes when I’m on set shooting a scene, I get a note saying that they want me to run in and mess it up because it looks too pretty. Her character dresses inappropriately, and they want her hair to be the same way. I particularly love it when we put her hair up at night for bed because that is just so her. She’s so quirky and it looks so messy.” -Sherry Heart


    Elijah’s swoop, episode one
    “In the scene where we see him brushing his own hair, he combed the swoop in himself, and the joke about it being too high was totally improvised. His hair is cut into this particular style, and we usually just brush it back with some volume in the front.” –Sherry Heart


    Jessa’s stoop sale braid, episode three

    “You actually can’t see the full braid in the episode, but from behind it was a half French braid, which I like to call a rollercoaster braid because sticks off the head at an angle. We always want Jessa’s hair to look slightly messy, so I don’t blow it dry it unless she comes in with it wet. I’ll often wrap it around a curling iron in various ways to give it a natural-looking wave. I don’t add much product to her hair either, except sometimes Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.” –Sherry Heart




    Jessa’s meet-the-parents crimp, episode four

    “It was written into the script that she’d have elaborate hair, and I had a crimper, and I looked at it one day and said, ‘You know what? I’ve got to do that to Jemima’s hair. She’s going to love that.’ She has such amazing hair — it’s so long and beautiful and lush, and you can just do anything with it. Jemima has a whole closetful of chopsticks, and they’re something her character would’ve picked up on her travels, so they’ve become Jessa’s signature hair ornament.” –Sherry Heart



    Jessa’s country braid, episode seven

    “It was a really hot day, and we had to get the hair out of her face. I did another rollercoaster braid, and I loved the headband effect it had. It also seemed like something her character would have thrown together in the morning.” –Sherry Heart