With more than twenty years of experience, New York based Sherry Heart has worked as a hair stylist to some of the top performers in music, film and television.

Sherry Heart launched her film career in 1989 working as a stylist for the Prince film “Graffiti Bridge” and thereafter touring as a key hairstylist for Prince’s “NPG” band. At Paisley Park she worked with Prince and many musicians, including Gorge Clinton and Larry Graham for live shows, video’s and photo shoots. Since then, she has worked as celebrity hairstylist in New York to many of the top stars in television and film. Among the leading ladies Sherry has worked with are Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jennifer Beals, Julianne Moore, Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Berkley. Her male stars have included David Duchovney, Matt Dillon, Campbell Scott, Dennis Leary, Ted Danson, Martin Short and Jim Belushi, among many others.

In addition to her expertise in hair styling, Sherry Heart is sought after nationwide for her advanced skills in hair extensions. She is an expert in the Pinch Braiding method of hair extensions and studied with its developer, Sonia Peterson. She is also well versed in wig and hairpiece creations after many years of character development for film and television. Sherry Heart works closely with directors, actors, producers and writers in developing and achieving the “look” of a project.

Sherry Heart’s work as hair department head and personal stylist can be seen in such works as HBO’s “Girls” & “The Night of”, NBC’s “Deception”, Showtime’s “The L Word”, “Chopped”, “Factotum” and “Trust the Man” among many more.